Home Health Services

AIMS home health care mission is to provide high-quality, compassionate care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Our goal is to help patients maintain their independence and improve their overall health and wellbeing. We strive to provide personalized care that is tailored to everyone’s unique needs and preferences. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with patients, their families, and their healthcare providers to develop a comprehensive care plan that addresses all aspects of their health and wellbeing. We are committed to providing the highest level of care possible, ensuring that our patients receive the support and resources they need to live their lives to the fullest.


Skilled nursing

  • Home Safety Evaluation 
  • Medication Management
  • Disease Management
  • Ostomy Care
  • G-Tube Feedings management
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Home Health Aide


  • Physical Therapy
  • Gait/Balance
  •  Bed Mobility
  •  PT/PCG Training
  •  Ortho Surgery Aftercare 
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Assess ADL’S/ADL’s 
  • Transfers 
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medical Social Worker

Qualifications for Home Healthcare

  • Patient is homebound or unable to leave home unassisted.
  • Patients’ needs skilled nursing care of physical speech or occupational therapy on a regular but not continual basis.
  • The patient has a Primary Care Physician and has been seen within the past 90 days with them.
  • Services provided are in accordance with an established plan of care and supervised by a physician.
  • Services ordered are “medically reasonable and necessary.”


Office Hours of operation

  • Monday-Friday